Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
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Saturday 30 May 2015

Mountain Chapel Graves Online

The graves and pictures from Mountain Chapel have now been uploaded to the Find A Grave website and it is searchable.

Monday 3 November 2014

Refurbished Gate

The old silver metal gate that was moved from the front of the chapel had previously been installed at the side entrance.
However this gate did fall off, snapping off some finials.  Also it was continually getting stuck so people could not access the graves.
This summer the Community Council sorted out having the gate rehung and also the finials welded back on - it also had a new coat of black paint.
The picture was taken in June - so lets hope we have no more problems.

Thursday 2 June 2011

History of Welsh Independant Churches 19c - Lantegue

From Genuki

Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru.

(History of the Welsh Independent Churches)

By Thomas Rees & John Thomas; 4 volumes (published 1871+)

From the CD published by Archive CD Books Pembrokeshire section (Vol 3, pages 2 - 149)

LANTEGUE (Crunwear Parish)

Page 140 Translation by Maureen Saycell (April 2008)

The name of the parish is Lantegue. Occasional preaching took place here by the Independents for many years, there were seven or eight who were members at Sardis and Carfan. The ministers of these churches would come occasionally and preach in these peoples houses, and there were many occasional preachers like Mr Warriott Edwards, Glandwr, and many others, who frequently held services here. When Mr J. C. Davies, now of Newton, Swansea, settled at Carfan as minister,managed to get a schoolroom thet the locals had built for use as a day school and community meetings, for use every Sunday to hold services.either Mr Davies or an occasional preacher would come here every Sunday at 2 pm to preach. At the end of 1854 a meeting was held to establish a church.Mr Davies and Mr Lewis, Henllan officiated on the occasion. There were ten members on the formation of the church, originally members of Sardis and Carfan.Mr Davies was the minister here until 1859, when he moved to Swansea. Recently Mr Heber Williams, Longstone,has undertaken the ministry here and Mr Mathias at Amroth.

The congregation continues to worship in the schoolroom. The membership is now between twenty and thirty. Those who were of most assistance to Mr Davies were Thomas Phillips, and his son ; Daniel Thomas, and his wife, and William Raymond, and his wife.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Article in December 2010 Dyfed FHS Journal

We had three pages published in the Winter Dyfed Family History Journal on the history of Mountain Chapel:

Sunday 24 October 2010

Chapel Garden Spring Clean - October 2010

Mountain Chapel Gardens has not been worked on since the opening ceremony a few years ago (although Mike Abel does a great job with the grass cutting - funded by the Community Council).

The History Society therefore decided it should have an early spring clean - and the results are shown below.

The weeds have all been removed from around the chapel walls and pavements.

The inside of the chapel has been weeded and some new plants put in the tubs to replace the dead ones.

The two pumps have been given a new coat of paint.  This is the first time we have done this as they were in good condition when we purchased them from Glyn James' estate - he obviously looked after them well.

The seat is to have a coat of varnish.

The front wall alongside the main road has been weeded.

The plaque has been removed for cleaning.

Our information panel is still in good condition and the two little borders have been tidied up.

(Thanks to John Lewis Tunster and Ollie Williams for their work.)

Friday 23 July 2010

Narberth Weekly News Extracts

Crunwere Band of Hope
On Wednesday of last week a meeting was held at Mountain Chapel, when there was a large attendance. The secretary, Mr B.G.Evans, introduced the meeting with prayer.
A splendid miscellaneous programme followed:
Solo - Clarice Hodge
Recitation - Master Verdi James
Solo - Doreen Wilson
Solo - Master Brinley Hodge
Recitation - Vera Wilson
Solo - Florence Phillips
Recitation - Master Robert Davies
Recitation - Mr G.Mathias
Solo - Mr Leslie Phillips
Solo - Katie Thomas
Recitation - Alice Allen
Solo - Lucy Mathias
Duet - Beattie Davies and Katie Thomas
Solo - Annie Hodge
Temperance Hymn - by congregation
Recitation - Mrs Howard James
Duet - Beattie Davies and Katie Thomas
Solo - Muriel Hodge
Recitation - Nellie Allen
Solo - Beattie Davies
Recitation - Pattie Phillips
Solo - Lucy Mathias
Quartette - Mr T. W. Phillips  friends.
Narberth Weekly News 17 February 1927

The ‘Muntan’ Chapel
“It should be remembered that in the days of my boyhood (1860s) there was no Congregational church or chapel at Amroth and no ‘meeting’ except that held (I think once a month) in Betty Thomas’s house near the Castle.  I want to recall two without whom it is difficult to conceive how the ‘Muntan’ Church could have continued to exist. I refer to Mr Phillips, Long Lane (father of the late Mr Thomas Phillips) and Mrs Williams, Trenewydd.  These two seemed to constitute the backbone of the cause. Mr Phillips was a bespectacled little man full of zeal and argument for the advance of the principles of Christianity. Mrs Williams always sat with Mr Phillips and the preacher. She was thoroughly Welsh in all her ways and particularly so in dress, including the Welsh high hat.”
Narberth Weekly News, July 16th 1925

Mountain Chapel Memories

From Llanteg Down the Years, page 62 by Tony Brinsden
Lanteague chapel (known locally as the Mountain chapel).  Up to the middle of this century (20th) worshippers used to attend from as far away as Marros and Whitland, those from Marros travelling by horse and ‘gambo’ or on foot across Marros Mountain, through the ford in the stream below Milton and then along Allen’s Lane to the road.   Zoar chapel is unusual in that it has built on to it in lean-to fashion a caretaker’s two-roomed cottage which was lived in early last century. After that it was used as a vestry and as a place to serve the anniversary teas when, on its Anniversary Sunday, services were held in the afternoon and evening and a tea was provided in between the services. The same anniversary services were held at the Mountain Chapel and there the inter-service tea was held in the detached first-floor vestry.

Rev'd William Davies Oaklands


In the year 1902 a family named Davies were living at Oaklands. The head of the family was a Mr William Davies, who combined his duties as Congregational minister at Lanteague Chapel with farming the 50-odd
acres behind Oaklands. The Census of 1891 shows that he was originally from Llanboidy, and that he had previously been living at Lawrenny, where his three surviving children were all born.
On the evening of May 20th, 1902, the family’s servant girl was sent to bring in the cows for milking. Shortly afterwards she came running back from the field in a state of fright to report that the bull had ‘turned nasty’; and since she refused to go back again, the minister set off to fetch in the cows himself.

What happened next was reported by a neighbour - coincidentally also named William Davies. This Mr Davies, of Blackheath, was on his way home from working in the quarry at Gellyhalog. With his dog, Toss,
he was taking a short-cut across the field where the cattle were, when he witnessed the minister being attacked and savagely gored by the bull. As he ran to help, the animal turned its attentions upon him; and but for his dog, which began worrying the bull, this other Mr Davies might well have met the same horrible end as his unfortunate namesake.
It was later thought that the bull had been unsettled by the echoes of voices. That part of the field lies in a pronounced hollow, and it is a proven fact that some animals are irritated by reverberating sounds.  Whatever the cause of the tragedy, both bull and minister ultimately suffered the same fate since the bull was afterwards taken away and destroyed.

Mr Davies lies in the Congregational burial ground together with other members of his family. The tombstone - a granite obelisk - describes him as having served as a minister in Pembrokeshire for over forty years and gives his dates as 20 September 1828 to 20 May 1902, so he was in his seventy- fourth year when he was killed.

Misfortune seems to have dogged the Davies family, because all three of the minister’s children met with untimely deaths. The only son, William Benjamin, died a year after his father, in 1903, aged thirty-six.
The elder daughter, Anne, had passed away in 1894, aged twenty-nine; and the younger daughter, Sarah Jane, had already preceded her, dying in 1892 aged exactly twenty-two years and one day.

Mrs Sarah Davies, the minister’s wife, was the last member of this tragic family to remain alive, outliving her husband and children by just a short time until her own death - perhaps of a broken heart - in 1904.
Taken from Llanteg Down the Years, page 44 by Judith Lloyd

Thursday 15 July 2010

Partial List of Contributors 1927,1937,1958

The following lists were taken from the papers of the late Mrs Lillian Callnon, for many years Secretary of Mountain Chapel - for the years 1927, 1937 and 1958.

List of Contributors
Lanteague Mountain Chapel – 1927
George Scourfield
Susan Scourfield
John Callen
Agnes M.Callen
Benjamin J.Evans
Hannah Williams
Gladys Harries
Thomas John
Mrs Thomas John
Archie John
William Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds
Irene Maud Evans
Sarah Hodge
Polly Phillips
Edwin Beynon
Elizabeth Beynon
Iris Beynon

List of Contributors
Lanteague Mountain Chapel – 1937
George Scourfield
Agnes M.Callen
Benjamin J.Evans
Hannah Williams
Katie Davies
Lizzie John
Archibald H.John
Iris John
Sarah Hodge
Polly Phillips
Edwin Beynon
Elizabeth Beynon
Ivor Beynon
Stanley Reynolds
Wilfred Callen
Mary Callen
William Shanklin
Margaret Shanklin
Lillian C.M.Shanklin
M.Ester May Shanklin
William T.Shanklin
Nellie Davies
Dilys Davies

List of Contributors
Lanteague Mountain Chapel – 1958
Mr B.G.Evans
Mrs H.Williams
Mrs S.Hodge
Mrs P.Phillips
Mr W.Shanklin
Mrs W.Shanklin
Mr W.Callen
Mr T.Shanklin
Mrs T.Shanklin
Mr G.Phillips
Mrs M.Rees
Mr A.Callen
Mrs A.Callen
Mrs B.Evans
Mr A.Phillips

Partial List of Ministers Anniv. Services

Partial List of Ministers at Anniversary Services at Mountain Chapel
(These are taken from a handwritten list among the papers of the late Mrs Lillian Callnon and the spellings might not have been copied accurately.)
1955 – Rev’d W.Harry
1956 – David James
1957 – R.E.Leyshon
1958 – J.J.Bowen
1959 – E.Beynon
1960 – Carwyn Davies
1961 – Gilbert Owen
1962 – J.J.Bowen
1963 – C.E.Evans, Llanelli
1964 – B.M.Evans, Shotton
1965 – G.Edwards Beynon
1966 – Neville Garvet
1967 – T.J.Hopkins
1968 – E.Leyshon
1969 – Emrys Davies
1970 – R.G.Cale (or Cole?)
1971 – John Roberts
1972 – D.H.Rees
1973 – John Jewsbury
1974 – Marshall Edwards
1975 – T.H.Owen
1976 – Elwyn John
1977 – E.J.Hughes
1978 - ? Hughes
1979 - ? Owen
1980 – Dr John Morgan
1981 – David Williams
1982 – Archie Harris
1983 – Charles Campbell
1984 – Amyr (Emyr?) Jones
1985 – David Morgan
1986 - ? Roberts
1987 – Miss M.Codd
1988 – Rob James
1989 – T.J.Hopkins – Centenary Service
1990 – Roy Parker
1991 – F.Goodwin
1992 – J.Owen
1993 - ? Gillam
1994 - ? Phillips
1995 – Hywel Brown
1996 - ? Joseph
1997 – H.Brown
1998 - ? John
1999 - ? Gregory

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Sketch of Mountain Chapel

Sketch of Mountain Chapel which was included in our Village Leaflet.  Sketch done by Geoff Scott.

Cambria Arch. Survey 2002/3

This survey by Cambria Archaeology was commissioned by Paul Williams, the developer of the chapel site, and was part of the archaeological condition placed on planning consent (this was kindly donated to the History Society when Mr Williams sold Katelios and moved away). The proposed development of the site involved the partial demolition of the chapel leaving the base walls standing to a height of about a metre and leaving it as part of a garden feature.

To the rear a new house was to be built beyond the graveyard and adjacent to the small vestry.

The report describes the chapel as rectangular with an arched double front door. The vestry was also rectangular with three entances on the ground floor and a brick chimneystack. Part of the ground floor was of rough cobbles, divided into two with bays with a tongue and groove partition and would have been used as a stable. This partition contained graffiti on its south side, which, although difficult to read, read as:-

H Glanvel? (Glanville)
W Morse? mor?
J R Lewis
N G Lewis
Owan Jones
Frank James
Full time Rabbit Trapper
John Lewis
Owen Jones
Oct 7th 1947
Very wet
Very wet day July 3 1932
April 21st 1936

The entrance on the western side was of double width (possibly for a cart) giving access to the northern ground floor. This had been partially blocked by a wall and had recently contained a chemical toilet and had a cement floor.

The northern entrance gave access to a flight of stone stairs leading to the first floor. The top of the stairs was boxed in with panelling. In the northern wall were the remains of a small range.

The new building has retained the structure of the vestry.

Ground plan
(The numbering used on this plan is NOT the one used by the History Society
in their grave pIctures and booklet)

Floor plan
Exterior elevations

Exterior gable elevations

Chapel interior - view N

Chapel - view S

Chapel - view NW

Chapel - view N

Chapel - view NE

Chapel interior - view south

Vestry - first floor

Vestry - looking east (western side)

Vestry - old stable
south ground floor - view NW

Vestry - detail of west door

Vestry - north side

Report 2003/19 Project 45433 Cambria Archaeology.

Monday 12 July 2010

Mountain Chapel Pumps

The two pumps came from Woodview (but were originally from Sparrows Nest and Crunwere Farms).  They were purchased for the community and sited in the footprint of Mountain Chapel.

Found a great website -
Sent them a photo of our two pumps and have been having interesting e-mails from Richard Williams who runs the site.
He has sent me the following data on our pumps:-
'Joseph Evans "York" Cottage Pumps, strongly made, and fitted with brass lining and brass union, screwed for wrought iron tube or for lead pipe". And one of your pumps is fitted with "ears to fix to wall or plank".If the diameter of the barrel is 2.5" it was offered for sale at 37/-, 3" at 40/-, 3.5" at 44/9, and 4" at 48/6. Unfortunately, I don't know the date of the catalogue, but I'd guess the end of the 19th Century.'

Mountain Chapel Garden Unveiling

Unveiling Ceremony on 9th September 2007.

This was done by Rev'd Sarah Geach after a short dedication ceremony.

Plaque dedicated to loved ones whose relatives donated towards the garden and planters in 2007

These Planters are Dedicated in Memory of:-
Arthur & Barbara Callen
Richard Callen
James & Lilian Callnon
Stuart Golder
Thomas & Lilias John
Archibald John
George & Susannah Scourfield
Jmaes Scourfield
William & Margaret Shanklin
John Smart
Nathanial & Hannah Williams
Olive Williams 

An introduction and background on the history of the chapel was given by Clr Tony Brinsden (also Chairman of the History Society).

We were pleased to see so many relatives and friends at the chapel for the ceremony, and also back at the Hall for tea and a chat afterwards.
Those who had donated towards the planters were given a framed photo of the chapel and a thank-you letter for their support.
Our work will continue at the chapel to ensure that is remains a fitting feature in the village.