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Thursday, 2 June 2011

History of Welsh Independant Churches 19c - Lantegue

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Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru.

(History of the Welsh Independent Churches)

By Thomas Rees & John Thomas; 4 volumes (published 1871+)

From the CD published by Archive CD Books Pembrokeshire section (Vol 3, pages 2 - 149)

LANTEGUE (Crunwear Parish)

Page 140 Translation by Maureen Saycell (April 2008)

The name of the parish is Lantegue. Occasional preaching took place here by the Independents for many years, there were seven or eight who were members at Sardis and Carfan. The ministers of these churches would come occasionally and preach in these peoples houses, and there were many occasional preachers like Mr Warriott Edwards, Glandwr, and many others, who frequently held services here. When Mr J. C. Davies, now of Newton, Swansea, settled at Carfan as minister,managed to get a schoolroom thet the locals had built for use as a day school and community meetings, for use every Sunday to hold services.either Mr Davies or an occasional preacher would come here every Sunday at 2 pm to preach. At the end of 1854 a meeting was held to establish a church.Mr Davies and Mr Lewis, Henllan officiated on the occasion. There were ten members on the formation of the church, originally members of Sardis and Carfan.Mr Davies was the minister here until 1859, when he moved to Swansea. Recently Mr Heber Williams, Longstone,has undertaken the ministry here and Mr Mathias at Amroth.

The congregation continues to worship in the schoolroom. The membership is now between twenty and thirty. Those who were of most assistance to Mr Davies were Thomas Phillips, and his son ; Daniel Thomas, and his wife, and William Raymond, and his wife.