Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
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Friday, 23 July 2010

Narberth Weekly News Extracts

Crunwere Band of Hope
On Wednesday of last week a meeting was held at Mountain Chapel, when there was a large attendance. The secretary, Mr B.G.Evans, introduced the meeting with prayer.
A splendid miscellaneous programme followed:
Solo - Clarice Hodge
Recitation - Master Verdi James
Solo - Doreen Wilson
Solo - Master Brinley Hodge
Recitation - Vera Wilson
Solo - Florence Phillips
Recitation - Master Robert Davies
Recitation - Mr G.Mathias
Solo - Mr Leslie Phillips
Solo - Katie Thomas
Recitation - Alice Allen
Solo - Lucy Mathias
Duet - Beattie Davies and Katie Thomas
Solo - Annie Hodge
Temperance Hymn - by congregation
Recitation - Mrs Howard James
Duet - Beattie Davies and Katie Thomas
Solo - Muriel Hodge
Recitation - Nellie Allen
Solo - Beattie Davies
Recitation - Pattie Phillips
Solo - Lucy Mathias
Quartette - Mr T. W. Phillips  friends.
Narberth Weekly News 17 February 1927

The ‘Muntan’ Chapel
“It should be remembered that in the days of my boyhood (1860s) there was no Congregational church or chapel at Amroth and no ‘meeting’ except that held (I think once a month) in Betty Thomas’s house near the Castle.  I want to recall two without whom it is difficult to conceive how the ‘Muntan’ Church could have continued to exist. I refer to Mr Phillips, Long Lane (father of the late Mr Thomas Phillips) and Mrs Williams, Trenewydd.  These two seemed to constitute the backbone of the cause. Mr Phillips was a bespectacled little man full of zeal and argument for the advance of the principles of Christianity. Mrs Williams always sat with Mr Phillips and the preacher. She was thoroughly Welsh in all her ways and particularly so in dress, including the Welsh high hat.”
Narberth Weekly News, July 16th 1925