Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
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Friday, 23 July 2010

Mountain Chapel Memories

From Llanteg Down the Years, page 62 by Tony Brinsden
Lanteague chapel (known locally as the Mountain chapel).  Up to the middle of this century (20th) worshippers used to attend from as far away as Marros and Whitland, those from Marros travelling by horse and ‘gambo’ or on foot across Marros Mountain, through the ford in the stream below Milton and then along Allen’s Lane to the road.   Zoar chapel is unusual in that it has built on to it in lean-to fashion a caretaker’s two-roomed cottage which was lived in early last century. After that it was used as a vestry and as a place to serve the anniversary teas when, on its Anniversary Sunday, services were held in the afternoon and evening and a tea was provided in between the services. The same anniversary services were held at the Mountain Chapel and there the inter-service tea was held in the detached first-floor vestry.