Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chapel Garden Spring Clean - October 2010

Mountain Chapel Gardens has not been worked on since the opening ceremony a few years ago (although Mike Abel does a great job with the grass cutting - funded by the Community Council).

The History Society therefore decided it should have an early spring clean - and the results are shown below.

The weeds have all been removed from around the chapel walls and pavements.

The inside of the chapel has been weeded and some new plants put in the tubs to replace the dead ones.

The two pumps have been given a new coat of paint.  This is the first time we have done this as they were in good condition when we purchased them from Glyn James' estate - he obviously looked after them well.

The seat is to have a coat of varnish.

The front wall alongside the main road has been weeded.

The plaque has been removed for cleaning.

Our information panel is still in good condition and the two little borders have been tidied up.

(Thanks to John Lewis Tunster and Ollie Williams for their work.)