Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
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Monday, 12 July 2010

Group Photographs

These are more photographs which have surfaced from the documents of the late Mrs Lillian Callnon (kindly loaned by daughter Carol).

May 1989 - Centenary of Mountain Chapel.
Back L to R - David Shanklin, Hywel Brown, Mrs Brown, Peter Hellings.

Front L to R - Megan Shanklin, Tom Shanklin (Elder), Lilian Callnon (Secretary, Elder & Organist), Rev'd T.J.Hopkins (late Minister), Mrs Jones, Mrs Hellings, Mrs G.Jones, Miss Eleri Jones, Mr R.Jones (Treasurer & Elder).

Taken outside Mountain Chapel (by Rev'd Bob Cole)

L to R - Lilian Callnon, Mrs Cole (Minister's wife), W.Shanklin, Mrs Megan Shanklin, Tom Shanklin, Joan Shanklin (holding daughter of Rev'd & Mrs Cole).

The following two Sunday School outing photographs have been kindly sent in by Ray Wilson of Melrose, Red Roses.  Ray comments:
'There was a thriving Sunday School when the Rev'd Robert Cole was there, but it tailed off after he left.  I can't remember much about the Church Sunday School as I was so young, but I was around my teens when I was in the Mountain Chapel, persuaded to attend by Mr Shanklin Sr.  I played the organ there for a number of years, first in the Sunday School, then for the chapel services, this was before Mrs Callnon.'

Lanteague Chapel Outing - 1962, Saundersfoot
Ray comments - the Saundersfoot photo of 1962 is difficult.  The four children right at the back are Robert James, Bellevue ?, Roland James holding Yvonne James, Bellevue, and Peter Brazell, Brynhyfryd.  The group right in front of them is Joan Shanklin (blue dress and lollipop); Ray Wilson, Mrs Tilly Wilson, Moors, with Eleri and Malvena Jones in front.  Right at the left is Mrs Cole, Minister's wife, with I think Mrs Callnon and her son next to her.  Next to Mrs Callnon, with the hat is Mrs Jones, Castle Ely Mill. 
Standing in front of everyone, in the middle is David Shanklin, Upper Castle Ely. Standing at the right is Mr Shanklin Sr, with Mrs Maud James, Bellevue next to him.  I think the couple next to Maud could be from The Folly, but I'm not sure. I don't remember anyone else.
Lanteague Chapel Outing to Tenby - 1964
Ray states - In the Tenby photo - back row, l to r, Mr Tommy Shanklin, Upper Castle Ely with David Shanklin peeping round his shoulder; possibly Donald Callnon?; Peter Brazell, Brynhyfryd.
Next row : Joan Shanklin, Upper Castle Ely; Malvena Jones, Castle Ely Mill; Mrs Megan Shanklin, Upper Castle Ely; Mr Bryn Wilson, Moors.
Sitting: Mrs Tilly Wilson, Moors; Mrs Jones, Castle Ely Mill with Eleri Jones in front; Mrs and Mr Shanklin Sr, Upper Castle Ely.
Sitting right in front is Mrs Annie Wilson, Castle Ely.