Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
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Monday, 12 July 2010

Mountain Chapel Closure

After its closure in 1999 and local campaigning the chapel was saved from being converted into a dwelling but was partially demolished and handed over to Amroth Community Council to become a Garden of Remembrance for the village.
With the help of a grant from PLANED, fundraising and donations from relatives, the area was gravelled and planters installed.

The Vestry was sold by the U.R.C. and divided off from the graveyard by a wall made from stones from the chapel buiding, the dwelling incorporated the vestry and was called Katelios.

The property ansd plot was being sold by R.K.Lucas and Son in 2001/2 and the sketches show the before and after plans of the site.

The above existing plan shows the location of the Chapel and the Vestry, with a small gate to the north and a large gate to the eastern side near the Vestry.

The proposed plan shows the graveyard being divided off from the Vestry by a wall made from stones from the demolished Chapel.  A new side entrance has to be made into the graveyard from Stoney Road.  The new dwelling is to be joined on to the old Vestry.

Scaffolding around ready for the removal of the roof November 2002
Sad with just the doorframe standing February 2003

The end of the chapel building - with just a small wall remaining February 2003