Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel
from Google Streetview

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The First Mountain Chapel

The map shows the same area as the one for the Claypits (outlined in dark) - the original chapel was believed to have existed from around 1814 (as a chapel and school) and was the black square of a building shown on the triangle of land just to the right of the heavy outline - marked with green.
It went into disrepair and the new chapel was built in 1889.

It seems the triangle of land may have been incorporated into the adjoining field many years ago and no trace seems to be remaining of the old chapel.

We can have a good look once the Claypits are cleared.
Hugh James can recall 3-4ft walls there when he was a lad in the 20s.

Sometimes at Anniversary Services the members of Lanteague would go to the old chapel for part of their services.